Property Find International

New business logo

New business logoProperty Find International asked us to design a new business logo for their exciting venture.

Previously operating as a low key but successful UK mortgage brokerage working from home, the entrepreneurial duo identified a significant business opportunity servicing UK residents looking to invest in property in Europe. Realising that the new start-up company needed a new business logo which made them appear to be a much bigger player than they were, they enlisted our help.

We designed a range of initial concepts, exploring different typographic styles, colour-ways and graphical elements. The decision was almost immediate and unanimous – the classic serif typeface set with wide kerning to give it authority and poise, set off with the stylised fluttering flag graphic, created a new business logo with the feel of a much larger, established multinational organisation.

Testament to the success of the new logo design came a few months later, when a much larger international property agent contacted Property Find International expressing an interest in joining forces with them, but fearing that they would be too small for Property Find International to be interested.

Evidence indeed of the power of a great brand.


Logo design

logo design

We refreshed Tonic’s brand identity with a sophisticated logo design that appealed to an international audience.



New business branding

new business branding

With restaurant franchises becoming a more common sight on the high street, it was essential that when considering the new business branding for Oca, our brand agency delivered a look and feel that was truly distinctive.



Logo design concepts

Logo design concepts

Interior design company MGN approached Parker Design to develop a range of logo design concepts after we were recommended by a professional associate within the property development industry.