New company logo design

New company logo design

TruSupporter required a distinctive logo that communicated the passion at the heart of their project.

The premise – we believe that every fan has a tale to tell, and that the memories and stories of a true supporter are important. We want to make sure that these memories and stories are shared with other fans and preserved forever. TruSupporter was born, a social archive for fans memories and stories.

The new company logo design project required a distinctive mark that communicated the passion at the heart of the project to the fans who would be using the service online.

We developed a range of new company logo design ideas with this concept in mind. The use of the abstract ‘t’ and ‘s’ lettering used as a holding device to protect the heart at the centre of the marque became the winning concept. The introduction of the passionate red with a complementary blue and carrying the colours through to the type – using them to add emphasis – give great balance and harmony to the brand. The addition of the reflection to the outer framework and a subtle drop shadow, produce a new company logo design with a strong three-dimensional feel.New company logo design

The second challenge was the development of a strapline to support the logo. As this is a social site the word ‘share’ seemed appropriate and sports supporters are very passionate about their chosen game so ‘passion’ was also included, resulting in the final Share your passion strapline.

The modern, bold typeface adds weight and legibility to the name, wherever it is applied, whether it’s the membership certificates, website or video showreel.


Logo design

logo design

We refreshed Tonic’s brand identity with a sophisticated logo design that appealed to an international audience.


The Caja Group

B2B logo design

B2B logo design

Launching a new business-to-business consultancy in an industry dominated by large, well-known competitors, the Caja Group approached Parker Design to help them establish their niche brand.



New business branding

new business branding

With restaurant franchises becoming a more common sight on the high street, it was essential that when considering the new business branding for Oca, our brand agency delivered a look and feel that was truly distinctive.