Aries Pensions

Business logo

Business logo

We helped Aries Pensions stand out in a very competitive market with an effective business logo refresh.


The process of evolving a business logo is not a new concept, with companies such as Shell, IBM and BMW, to name but a few, redesigning their logos on average every 10 years to ensure they are constantly looking modern and fresh. It is essential that a logo stays looking fresh and forward-looking to represent the ethos of the organisation, whilst maintaining a visual association with the original.


Aries Pensions required a significantly updated and modernised version of their business logo, as they felt their their long-standing mark no longer represented what the company stands for.


The Aries logo development naturally progressed from their original design featuring a yellow triangle with a green sphere in the middle, and which we used as the basis for our new logo design. Taking the iconic triangle and sphere, we stylised the shapes, creating an ‘A’ with the sphere supporting one side.

It is important that a business logo is flexible and can be used across a wide variety of media. The style we created for Aries takes this into account, and the final logo can be scaled up or down. We also made provision for the logo to be used as a one-colour and black and white mark to ensure it is consistently seen in the best light.

Robert Andrew

Branding and packaging design

This branding and packaging design project helped our client launch into a new market thanks to an effective mix of relaxed, rustic authenticity and contemporary touches.


Season Cookshop

Shop logo design

shop logo design

Going beyond a simple logo design request, we created an identity that speaks to an audience tired of "just OK", and who feel they deserve not only better, but something truly special.


On Point Leadership

Logo design and brand assets

logo design and brand assets

To support a new company launch, we created a logo design and brand assets that are a perfect fit for the personal brand and reputation our client has worked hard to build over the years.