H&T Presspart

Brand identity design

Brand identity design

We helped H&T Presspart launch an innovative new device into the market with an appealing and effective brand identity design.


H&T Presspart specialises in precision manufacturing of respiratory drug delivery components, including metered dose inhaler (MDI) canisters and actuators.brand identity design

As new drugs are launched, our client helps some of the world’s leading healthcare companies with every stage of the product and device development process. H&T Presspart knows that patients’ quality of life can depend on the smallest of details in the medication process: not only the active ingredients in the drug, but also the reliability of its components and delivery systems used.


In line with our client’s ambitious growth plans to meet increasing demand for their innovative products, they asked us to create a new brand identity to help them launch a new product to market.

The new identity would help launch actuators with innovative and vital functionality: a new connected smart MDI that allows patients to check fill levels, considerably reducing the risk of the device unexpectedly reaching the end of its life in a critical situation.marketing brochure design

The new MDI inhaler connects to a smart phone and seamlessly integrates with Cohero Health’s BreathSmart mobile app, allowing the patient to track the usage of the MDI, improving patient adherence.

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that have helped our clients reach their goals.

This latest product from H&T Presspart which is the first market-ready, fully-embedded, intuitive, connected metered dose inhaler was launched to market as eMDI, to differentiate it from other non ‘electronic’ inhalers.


Following an initial workshop, where we reviewed similar competitor products, gauged our client’s likes and dislikes and extracted key information about the product USP, we created a brand identity design that helps convey the concept of transmission through three curved lines – simple and memorable.Brand identity design

The use of bubble-like graphical devices represents the spray action of the inhaler, whilst using H&T Presspart’s corporate blue and grey for the new logo reinforces the idea of professionalism, quality and expertise in the healthcare sector.Brand identity design


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