UK Fuels

Stationery and branding

Stationery and branding

Following a recent rebrand, WebOil asked Parker to design a new suite of stationery with a personal, homely feel.


Your brand is your mark of distinction. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors. And in the current economic climate, with reputation influencing buying decisions more than ever, it was essential that WebOil – part of the UK Fuels Group – rose above competitors with their innovative concept of selling the lowest price heating oil with a friendly and reliable service.


After their recent rebranding, WebOil asked us to create a new suite of stationery with a personal, homely vibe for use on the B2C side of the business.

WebOil’s business branding for the domestic consumer marketplace needed to be fresh, modern and clean. It had to emphasise their easily memorable name and readily recognisable logo. It also needed to demonstrate value for money and a no-nonsense approach to buying heating oil.

The stationery and branding would include business cards, flyers and letterheads.


To give WebOil a unique look – completely different to their competitors’ – new friendly images we created incorporating WebOil’s new corporate colour palette, keeping the new stationery and branding fresh, modern and appealing.Stationery and branding

The simple and easy to remember business branding name was incorporated with high visibility and clean lines onto all branded items including freight delivery vehicles, local area leaflet drops, appointment cards and flyers.

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stationery and branding design.

As the concept itself is so innovative, we were able to position the WebOil business brand firmly in the marketplace for ease of use by the consumer. This has given WebOil consistently high consumer recognition, a clear and concise presence and removed any doubt over what the company stands for.

Smart Money

Brand refresh

brand refresh

We had already worked with Smart Money in the past. This time, we helped our client remain relevant in a constantly evolving market with a striking brand design refresh that allowed Smart Money to appeal to a wider audience.



Logo and brand design

Logo and brand design

Dynamic blue, and crisp black and white – the perfect combination to create a company logo and brand design style that is crisp, unique and characterful.



Branding and stationery

Branding and stationery

Your branding highlights how your business is different from your competitors. We developed 8 different branding options for Salima, with compelling evidence behind the potential use of each of them.