Sphere Security

Security logo design

logo design

We developed a distinctive colour palette of black and aqua green, which when complemented with contemporary crisp typography, gave our client a fresh and memorable logo design.


To be able to remain relevant in an extremely competitive sector, our client Sphere Security needed a brand new identity, so creating a new logo was the central part of our brand development project.

As technology-focused security specialists, Sphere’s security logo design needed to look modern and sharp, reflecting the services they offered and creating the right impression.Portable exhibition design


A highly polished translucent glass sphere hints at the highly technical nature of our client’s products. As well as evoking the company name, the glass sphere represents strength, solidity and clarity – a nod to what audiences expect of a security company.

Staying away from navy blue and grey tones commonly associated with security companies, we developed a distinctive colour palette comprising of black and aqua green, making Sphere highly visible instead of just blending in. logo design

Complemented with contemporary crisp typography, the new security logo design is fresh, memorable and really helps our client rise above competitors. The new identity increases credibility in a competitive market, as it transmits an air of solid professionalism, yet fluid and dynamic at the same time.


Branding strategy and development

Branding strategy

BrightHR needed to reinvent themselves, and as a branding agency known for their stunning design portfolio, always coupled with marketing strategy effectiveness, we delivered a distinctive identity that changed how they were perceived in the HR industry.


Smart Money

Brand refresh

brand refresh

We had already worked with Smart Money in the past. This time, we helped our client remain relevant in a constantly evolving market with a striking brand design refresh that allowed Smart Money to appeal to a wider audience.


The Caja Group

B2B logo design

B2B logo design

Launching a new business-to-business consultancy in an industry dominated by large, well-known competitors, the Caja Group approached Parker Design to help them establish their niche brand.