King's Leadership Academy

School sign design

School Sign Design

We created a school sign design that communicates a sense of purpose, belonging and aspiration to students and staff alike, and creates an overall feeling of pride and community.


Part of the new Free School initiative, the Academy began its life leasing previously unused classrooms from the local primary school until its permanent new home was built nearby.


A variety of educational establishments and businesses used the site, so our client required a range of easily navigable and clearly branded school sign designs.


As well as a main entrance sign featuring the school logo, we created way-finding systems featuring the logos of other residents to ensure visitors could easily find their way around the site. The suite of designs use a crisp combination of black and white with red accents, reinforcing the school’s brand and ensuring legibility from a distance.

To complement the school sign design we designed a range of branded panels to add personality and impact to the building exterior. We used graphic elements from the logo and prospectus to enhance the continuity of the brand.

This was also echoed on the interior with a large logo sign positioned above the reception desk, and a feature wall designed to convey an inspirational quote and further brand elements. The walls of the school hall also offered us a great opportunity to ‘liven up’ what was otherwise an uninspiring space, with five large panels depicting dramatic elements from the school brand.

The school sign design and complementary branding provide a sense of purpose, belonging and aspiration to the students and staff alike, and create an overall feeling of pride and community.

Season Cookshop

Shop logo design

shop logo design

Going beyond a simple logo design request, we created an identity that speaks to an audience tired of "just OK", and who feel they deserve not only better, but something truly special.



Office branding design

office branding design

A dynamic yet solid office branding design solution that turned an empty office into a welcoming and engaging space where ideas and employee recognition flow.


Oakmere Lodge

Outdoor signage

Outdoor signage

We created a distinctive outdoor signage design that perfectly transmits the allure and exclusivity of the Oakmere Lodge development.