King's Leadership Academy

School logo design

school logo design

We created a trustworthy and inspirational school logo which instills confidence in the local community and a sense of aspiration amongst students.


King’s Leadership Academy Warrington was established as a Free School in 2012. The ‘free’ independent school offers an academic education to the young people of the local area. The Academy – founded on international research and traditional values – has a strong focus on leadership and academic development.

As designers, the concept of free schools is extremely appealing, as we are generally given a more extensive creative license than with more traditional schools. To be involved in creating the logo design and brand scheme for King’s Leadership Academy was a really exciting project to be involved in.


Our brief was to create a traditional heraldic-style brand with a contemporary, forward-looking twist.


With the management team at the Academy having decided on a colour scheme of red and black, we created a trustworthy and inspirational identity for the Academy which both instills confidence in the local community and a sense of aspiration amongst the student logo

The lion and crown elements of the school logo – also requested by our client – provide a visual representation of the concepts of leadership and aspiration.School Logo

The turnaround time for the logo and brand scheme was relatively tight – having just 6 weeks to develop the identity, supporting literature and design all internal and external signage for the school.

Working closely with the architects, building contractors and school management team we delivered everything in time for the school’s first September intake.School logo

The new logo and brand scheme were carried through to a variety of collateral, such as the school’s prospectus, exterior branding, and PowerPoint presentation template.

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Shop logo design

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Going beyond a simple logo design request, we created an identity that speaks to an audience tired of "just OK", and who feel they deserve not only better, but something truly special.


On Point Leadership

Logo design and brand assets

logo design and brand assets

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King's Leadership Academy

School rebrand

School rebrand

A school rebrand project that goes beyond design, helping a disadvantaged area embrace the possibility of a promising new future.