Export Showroom

Brochure printing and design

Brochure Printing

We delivered a contemporary and fresh brochure printing and design project that maximises bright and punchy photography.


After recognising a business opportunity to export used agricultural and haulage vehicles to Africa, start up company Export Showroom had a number of marketing requirements to launch the business. Having worked with us on a number of projects, they knew we would be able to turn the project around within a tight deadline.


The first deliverable in our brief was to create a new company identity. Our client also needed our help with a new brochure printing and design project to give potential clients a clear understanding of the company offering.


Having already produced the corporate identity, we had a good starting point to work with. The brochure printing and design needed to reflect the brand and appeal to our client’s target audience – international professionals working in the African financial industry as well as new customers and overseas specialists working in the construction industry.Brochure printing

After some discussion sessions, we produced a corporate-focused, modern and fresh brochure design using bright and punchy imagery. The end result was a simple yet highly effective 4-page brochure. To aid with the tight turnaround and keep the project within strict budget parameters, we printed the brochure on a digital press.


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