Raw London

Business stationery design

To help Raw London launch their new business proposition, we created a contemporary business stationery design that exudes personality and confidence, and perfectly gets across that our client does things differently.


As part of Raw London’s shift from traditional video production house to branded content agency, our client needed a complete brand overhaul. As part of this process of change, they asked us to create a new business stationery design that would help them create a unique and lasting first impression.


The new design would need to encapsulate the essence of their new business proposition: to help their clients change perceptions thanks to engaging and unique branded content. The new stationery would need to be as unique, engaging and memorable as the branded content ideas they develop.


Starting with the new brand, creative sessions around the concept of changing perceptions had led us to the almost endless possibilities that a hexagonal shape offers, and that perfectly sum up the concept of changing perceptions: by changing how the points in a hexagon connect to each other, we transformed it into basic 3D shapes; by focusing the eye on different areas – line connectors, coloured triangles – the shapes morph into totally different entities, which exist in their own right.Business stationery designBusiness stationery design

The next step was to develop the identity: we opted for a combination of playful and colourful shapes from the hexagon and what, at first sight, seems like a clean and simple logotype. Instead, the logotype moves away from convention and is positioned vertically, further stressing the message that Raw does things differently, to help their clients do the same. 

Smart Money

Brand refresh

brand refresh

We had already worked with Smart Money in the past. This time, we helped our client remain relevant in a constantly evolving market with a striking brand design refresh that allowed Smart Money to appeal to a wider audience.


The Caja Group

B2B logo design

B2B logo design

Launching a new business-to-business consultancy in an industry dominated by large, well-known competitors, the Caja Group approached Parker Design to help them establish their niche brand.


UK Fuels

Stationery and branding

Stationery and branding

After their recent rebranding, WebOil asked our graphic design team to create a new suite of stationery with a personal, homely feel for use on the B2C side of the business. The suite was to include business cards, flyers and letterheads.