Catalogue production

Catalogue production

Successful catalogue production that relies on a combination of effective layout, great photography and clearly set out product information.


Parker Design have been helping Trodat (previously known as Dormy) with catalogue production for several years.

Trodat sell a huge array of office stamps and marking products in all shapes and sizes, each one tailored for a slightly different application. Although the core range doesn’t vary too much each year, perhaps a few minor tweaks and improvements, Trodat are constantly adding new innovative products to the line up.


It was time for the annual refresh and update of our client’s catalogue.


The catalogue design starts with the cover: we took one of the biggest-selling products, and photographed it at a jaunty angle on a contrasting background. A clever crop perfectly complements the bold, well branded and striking cover.

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effective catalogue design.

An effective catalogue can’t rely exclusively on an enticing cover, it’s about being able to understand, manage and process information page after page – photos of all the stamps, sample impressions and sizing information, colour options, product codes, RRPs, and more; there is a lot of information to fit on just one page. So to make it as simple as possible, we designed clean, crisp layouts, with well ordered data, easy to follow tables and professional photography – all essential elements to produce a catalogue that not only looks good, but is a valuable, easy-to-use reference tool for Trodat’s customers.

Green Retreats Group

Sales and marketing brochure design

With this sales and marketing brochure design we helped Green Retreats reinvigorate their sales materials by highlighting the customer experience.


Renray Healthcare

Product catalogue

The product catalogue we designed is a sales piece that feels more like a brochure, at times reminding audiences of a lifestyle magazine, helping enhance the sales process.



Catalogue design

catalogue design

Biasi needed a print design agency that would help them streamline their marketing collateral, so we combined six brochures into an attractive catalogue design.