Company brochure design

Company brochure design

We produced a new company brochure design that gave the sales force a valuable tool to demonstrate the company’s capabilities.


Following the design of their new logo, Dynamic-Ceramic’s next brief was to create a new company brochure to help launch the new brand and give the sales team a valuable promotion tool.

The company brochure design had to feature general information about Dynamic-Ceramic, as well as specific information about the varied product range.


The solution we created comprised of an oversized A4 8-page brochure containing all the general company information.Company brochure design

Integrated into the inside back cover of the brochure was a die cut glued pocket which would take a series of A4 product-specific data sheets.

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The individual data sheets could then be designed and printed cost-effectively each time they introduced a new product, without requiring the main brochure to be reprinted.Company brochure design

To complement the new logo and to bring the brand to life, we developed a photographic style featuring a wide range of components shot in a highly artistic way, creating interesting shapes, graphics and colours, whilst also showcasing Dynamic-Ceramic’s manufacturing capabilities. These product shots were complemented with photographs taken in and around their manufacturing facility.

The stunning new brochure was printed onto a heavy weight silk stock, giving a crisp sharp bite to the print and great depth to the photographs. To provide a little protection, increase durability and add a tactile, sophisticated quality, we finished the piece with a matt laminate to the outer cover.


Staff engagement brochure

Interior design brochure

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Travel magazine design and content

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Product brochure design

product brochure design

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