Corporate web development

Corporate web development

Macro-style photography that focuses on product and a streamlined design and corporate web development help present Technoprint as a niche industry leader.


Technoprint is the largest independent supplier of healthcare leaflets in the UK. Government guidelines for this industry are very specific regarding the amount of information that must be included in medicine leaflets, as well as how that information should be presented.


Our client needed our help with the redesign, development and implementation of a website that would showcase their expertise in patient information leaflets.


A corporate web development that reflects Technoprint’s expertise and the company’s commitment to producing materials with clear and easily available information.

Our solution maximises the use of macro-style photography, focusing on the product and hinting at the vast amount of vital information included in the limited space available in medicine leaflets.Corporate web development

We adopted a very clean approach. A limited colour palette allows visitors to focus on the information. The typography style also contributes to the sense of clarity and legibility our client is trying to communicate: lots of important information that has to work at a small scale. The new website has an overall uncluttered, clinical feel, which helps carry the message of our client’s expertise in Healthcare.Corporate web development

Positioning the logo in the top centre of the website’s homepage – a departure from traditional website design conventions – also contributes to the idea of zoning in on important information, while the modern reveal menu helps maintain the clean look of the website.Corporate web development

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) allows our client to amend the website themselves quickly and easily. Adhering to the latest code standards, the website was built using HTML5, css, php and jQuery. The design features a large image carousel on the homepage as a main point of interest for their more popular products, with further information below.

The footer makes use of some of WordPress’ built-in functions, which we then customised for Technoprint: the functionality allows timely updates with the most relevant news content organised by topic, giving our client flexibility in showcasing the more important news to their customers.

N8 Research Partnership

WordPress web development

N8 Agrifood asked us to create a website that would present them as a leader in their field by showcasing their research efforts towards the sustainable and resilient future of our food. This WordPress web development project delivered beautiful design and a seamless user experience.



Responsive web design

responsive web design

The Allmed family only came together a few years ago, but their heritage goes back over 30 years. Our client needed a digital agency that would help them create a new web design to communicate their mission to do things better, together.


K&L Freight

Web design and keyword strategy

Web design and keyword strategy

We are a digital agency that understands marketing strategy. In addition to a stunning new web design, we developed a keyword strategy to optimise K&L Freight's online presence and increase enquiries.