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B2B direct mail design

We significantly boosted enquiries about an innovative building product by designing a clever direct mail campaign that appealed to busy architects.


Often, the greatest difficulty in launching a direct mail marketing campaign is figuring out how to get past the front door. Although our client, Kingspan, had an innovative roofing solution that would provide architects with a wide range of benefits on the building site, they needed a way to build awareness about the product.


Based on discussions with the client’s sales team, we knew that architects were often more likely to connect in person with their local sales representative if they had questions about a product and how it would affect an upcoming project. However, we needed to find a way to encourage product awareness at just the right time during the sale cycle.


Like many professionals, architects are extremely time poor, so we needed a way to quickly educate them about the product and provide this information at just the right time for their upcoming building project. The answer was a clever direct mail campaign that exchanged something familiar – a blueprint – for something unexpected.

Our solution was based on the fact that architects regularly receive construction plans and documents in the post for projects in progress. The oversized design we created arrived rolled up in a tube, much like other materials the target audience would receive in the post that day.

Once unrolled, it revealed a detailed illustration of an actual building where the roofing solution had been used, and featured detailed “building notes” that highlighted particular product benefits. More importantly, the piece was addressed directly to the architect and was personalised with details from an actual construction project that the recipient had in progress.

Including these details on the direct mail design allowed us to connect the information with a relevant opportunity in the mind of the architect. We also included the contact information for their regional product sales representative, so that they could immediately discuss the project in further detail.Direct mail campaign


Providing just the right information to the right person at the right time resulted in a significant increase in product enquiries throughout the campaign period.

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Campaign design

campaign design

As an integrated design agency, we combine creativity with digital strategy to deliver results, whether through digital or print design. With this playful and engaging campaign, our graphic design and marketing strategy teams created a pop-up to capture the imagination of financial professionals.


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Web key direct mail campaign

Web key direct mail campaign

An effective combination of playful print design and clever digital solutions contributed to this web key direct mail campaign generating an 81% increase in monthly website traffic.



Product marketing strategy

product marketing strategy

An informative product marketing strategy that increased awareness and helped contribute to a significant spike in sales.