Emailer design

With this emailer design we relied on an on-trend and festive look taking into account the seasonality of the product range that our client was about to drop.


With our client’s new winter clothing line ready to drop, Ralawise asked Parker Design to promote their new range through a new HTML emailer design that would appeal to its young audience. Our client required a highly on-trend and festive look, taking into account the seasonality of the clothing range.


For the external photoshoot, choice of location and lighting were key to make the design of the email as appealing as possible. The festive and fashionable compositions we got from our professional photographer gave our digital design team a really good base set of images to work with, whilst also providing good examples of the overall clothing range.

We also carried out a product photo shoot in our studio, with the clean white cut-outs allowing the clothing range to be shown at its best in the small email format, even on mobile devices, where most of the target audience would view the email.

Once the emailer design was completed, our client also asked us to create a Dutch version so that the email campaign could reach a wider sector of their customer audience.


With over 20 years in the industry, we have worked with a mixed range of clients in a large number of sectors; have a look here at other examples of engaging and effective email marketing ideas.


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