Pinpoint Digital

Graphic icons

Graphic icons

We designed a suite of graphic icons that provided a consistent brand experience for users of Pinpoint’s service.


PushtoDocuWare, the only DocuWare client application for the Kodak Scan Station, integrates paper documents into the workflow of critical business applications; users can – at the touch of a button – scan and send their documents to a DocuWare Filing Cabinet of choice, fully indexed and immediately available for further action.


Pinpoint required a suite of graphic icons to use in their Push to Docuware website and document scanning software product to give a consistently branded look and feel that complemented the company’s website and logo designs. The icons needed to be clear and legible at a wide range of sizes, from 64px to 20px.


To maintain this level of legibility, the graphic icons needed to be refined and redrawn at the different sizes to give a crisp image on screen and guarantee a seamless user experience. The final graphic icon set consisted of 29 icons for the various sections within the website and software itself, which help define the brand and the user experience within the software UI (user interface).graphic iconsgraphic iconsgraphic icons

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Motion graphics

motion graphics

We focus on content creation that connects with audiences in a personal way. Our animation production team created a fun and memorable series of motion graphics to help AstraZeneca's internal communications team make their global on-boarding programme more engaging.



Internal communications infographic

internal communications infographic

Deloitte asked our content creation team to develop a high impact piece that would help them reinforce employee engagement and communications around their infrastructure services team in the UK. We produced an internal communications infographic that turned data into a positive and engaging story.


UK Fuels

Icon and pictogram design

Icon and pictogram design

In order to add to a consistent look to their Velocity product, UK Fuels asked Parker Design to develop a range of unique icon and pictogram graphic design concepts to use within their online applications.