H&T Presspart

Marketing brochure design

marketing brochure designTo help promote H&T Presspart’s leadership in product and process innovation, we created a piece of promotional literature that goes beyond traditional marketing brochure design.


The Healthcare industry is constantly developing new solutions to improve the quality of patients’ lives, and so is our client. So much more than a manufacturer, H&T Presspart is a leader in innovation which has stayed at the cutting edge for decades, thanks to continual investment in research, development and infrastructure.


To create a piece of promotional literature that goes beyond traditional sales brochure design. Instead, this marketing tool had to help sales teams introduce H&T Presspart to new target audiences as a global leading specialist, driven by constant innovative solutions, and always striving to stay ahead in its field. It also had to help cement our client’s reputation amongst existing audiences.

All through engaging and memorable ways to showcase the company’s expertise in product and process development.


Our final design turns a sales brochure into a content-rich marketing magazine – filled with insightful articles, strong and appealing product pages, and interview features – where the message to the audience is clear: you can rely on H&T Presspart to achieve what others are not capable of.marketing brochure design

Bold use of colour throughout the marketing brochure design suggests authority and confidence, and serves as a solid foundation for the wide range of engaging content.marketing brochure design

Strong photography – in harmony with our client’s multilingual website – helps illustrate H&T Presspart’s leadership, and establishes a connection between the strengths of H&T Presspart’s teams, and the products and processes made reality thanks to their energy, motivation and expertise.marketing brochure design

A nod to the company’s in-depth technical knowledge flows through every page thanks to the blueprint treatment applied to technical drawings.marketing brochure designmarketing brochure designmarketing brochure design

Our design team paid special attention to the way technology and processes are presented throughout the marketing brochure design, highlighting product benefits and features through distinctive and memorable visual treatments.marketing brochure design

The use of capitalisation helps structure content and suggests H&T Presspart’s confident voice in the industry.marketing brochure design

Simple infographic-inspired visuals help distill the complexity of H&T Presspart’s products and processes, whereas close-up images bring audiences closer to the products, and help highlight ease of use.marketing brochure design

Green Retreats Group

Sales and marketing brochure design

With this sales and marketing brochure design we helped Green Retreats reinvigorate their sales materials by highlighting the customer experience.



Sales brochure design

sales brochure

Beautiful, bright and abundant colour, and simple and effective ways of organising content turn this sales brochure design into the perfect vehicle to communicate Allmed's global leadership in Healthcare innovation and patient care.



Product brochure design

product brochure design

To help our client present their new product we created a brochure design that encourages audiences to look closer.