Future Agenda

Mobile responsive website

Future Agenda – the world’s leading open foresight programme – commissioned Parker Design to help it develop a mobile responsive web design in support of its latest global initiative.


When building a platform to support global information exchange, an effective online presence is essential. That’s why Future Agenda – the world’s leading open foresight programme – commissioned Parker Design to help it develop a mobile responsive website in support of its latest global initiative.


The client required a modern web solution to help it bring together experts around the world to address key challenges facing the world over the next decade. In addition, Future Agenda’s internal team needed a way to easily manage and update information about workshops to encourage participation in the programme.mobile responsive website


To address this, we created a mobile responsive website that featured an easy to use content management system (CMS).

Various sections of the website – including the home page, content pages, and news section – were designed and built according to the latest web standards. The use of a CMS not only made maintaining the website easy, it gave their team the flexibility to adjust content as often as needed.

The mobile responsive website was designed and implemented to coincide with the launch of over 100 Future Agenda workshops around the world. To enhance the programme’s emphasis on innovation and engagement, Parker Design recommended a clean, technology-focused design and ensured that online visitors could access workshop information on a variety of devices – including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Future Agenda was thrilled with the design and implementation of its mobile responsive website. Not only did we design an attractive solution that is easy to navigate, the CMS functionality has proven invaluable to the internal team that manages it.

Our Digital Director said: “Designing and developing a mobile responsive website for an such an engaging client has been extremely rewarding. It has been an exciting project and having a first look at the perspectives of so many leading experts on the future of key industries has been just as exciting as developing the solution itself. We look forward to continuing our partnership as Future Agenda expands its programme globally.”

Future Agenda

Nonprofit website design

nonprofit website design

Parker were proud to be chosen as the digital agency to create a nonprofit web design that would help Future Agenda share the latest research findings, and encourage their audience to continue to debate and action.


N8 Research Partnership

Brand and website design

Brand and website design

The N8 Research Partnership came to our web design and web development teams to help them with a new design to match their ambitious 4-year vision.


Headwater Holidays

Responsive website design

responsive website design

Parker Design helped Headwater Holidays redesign and build the front end of their mobile responsive holiday bookings website, aiming for a revamped look and feel, improved user experience and an increase in conversions.