Healthy ageing campaign

Having previously developed the branding for this project, Warrington Primary Care Trust asked us to produce the Healthy ageing campaign materials, which were used to increase awareness in the area of the help available to the ageing population.

We created a suite of materials to be distributed across the area via GP surgeries and local community centres. These consisted of posters, leaflets, printed guides and reference booklets.

The styling of the healthy ageing campaign materials continued the upbeat, positive and supportive character of the brand, with clear and legible vector graphics to present and promote certain messages.

The campaign received a very positive response across the area, and further documentation and materials were developed to expand the range.

Triple S Sports

Fundraising advertising

fundraising advertising

Fundraising advertising to raise awareness and inspire people to donate.



Social awareness campaign

social awareness campaign

Work with a marketing agency that can deliver positive social action in a fun and impactful way. By focusing on people and their stories, we devised a marketing strategy for Brightlife that helped them fight social isolation among adults over 50.


Chill Factore

Integrated advertising campaign

integrated advertising campaign

We helped Chill Factore customers experience the thrill of a winter holiday with a punchy integrated marketing strategy that delivered results. As a marketing agency that combines technology with stunning creative, we can help you develop a digital strategy to effectively target your audience.