Pharmaceutical exhibition design

Exhibition Design

We produced a dramatic pharmaceutical exhibition design that turned visitors into passengers at an airport, and the day into a memorable experience.


AstraZeneca and partner Bristol-Myers Squibb had booked an impressive 324sqm plot at a major industry event in Stockholm which required a dramatic custom design.


To give a sense of journey for the visitors to the exhibition, we developed the concept of an international airport.exhibition design

As visitors entered the stand, an informal seating area with wall-mounted departure and arrival style plasma TV screens showed delegates details about the cancer drug Onglyza.

As they walked deeper into the stand, visitors reached a fully functioning check-in desk complete with baggage conveyors. At the desk, visitors would be checked in by professional actors dressed as check-in staff, given a boarding card and briefed on the flight they were about to board.exhibition design

Walking on through the security gate, visitors proceeded onto a custom built aircraft simulator, took their seat and buckled up ready for take-off. For the next ten minutes ‘passengers’ would be totally immersed in a presentation never seen before – as the simulator bumped and swayed along its journey, the ‘flight’ charted its course through the human body following the path of an Onglyza pill.

At the front of the cockpit there was an integrated TV showing the journey, and completing the sensory effect, further TVs were integrated into the side windows of the simulator showing synchronised moving images giving a real effect of motion.

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The progress of the flight was narrated over the tannoy from the cockpit by the ‘pilot’, pointing out areas of interest inside the body, and describing the effect the drug was having on the disease as passengers watched through the windows.

After the flight experience, passengers alighted from the simulator into an arrivals hall complete with moving baggage carousel, to be greeted by the exhibition staff. Passengers were then invited into the airport coffee lounge for a chat about what they’d seen and learned about the drug, and how they might choose to prescribe it in the future. A pharmaceutical exhibition design conceived to give visitors an experience they would truly never forget.


Exhibition stand design and build

Exhibition stand design and build

Definitely one for our design portfolio. With years as an experiential agency behind us, our exhibition design successfully combined the allure of technology, the warmth of natural materials and the excitement of "Pic n' Mix" to draw visitors to the stand and present Sage as true innovators.


Thomson Reuters

Custom exhibition stand

custom exhibition stand

When Thomson Reuters asked us to infuse some excitement into their exhibition design, we were happy to help. As an experiential agency that understands the power of using gamification, our team designed and built their stand with a challenge that proved irresistible to event attendees.


United Utilities

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing

Our exhibition design team created an innovative experience to help our client rid the North West of clogged sewers. As an experiential agency that has worked with United Utilities for years, they trusted our creativity and insight and were pleased with the level of consumer engagement.