Sales brochure design

Carefully chosen photography and clearly laid out product specification content made a success of this sales brochure.

MCS wanted to bring their products and services together into a professional sales brochure, which they would mail out to prospective clients to promote their business.

We chose an A5 12pp landscape brochure format, which was saddle-stitched, and suited the professional product photography and product specification content.

To complement the clean product photography, a number of royalty-free stock shots were also used, with key positional statements and client testimonials overlaid. The images were carefully chosen to depict smooth-running fleet vehicles, underpinning the key benefits of the products and services.

The sales brochure design features horizontal lines running throughout to denote a connected system and digital real-time technology. A technical drawing was produced to demonstrate the complex processes involved within the system. Using branded technical illustrations designed specifically each project we can convey the precise details of how a system or product works in a very simple style. We chose a matt-laminated finish on the final printed copies which complemented the clean, professional sales brochure design within.

Over the years we have created beautiful and effective brochure design for a wide range of clients.

Royal Pacific Group

Property brochure

property brochure design

A property brochure design that conveys the idea of exclusivity and craftsmanship, immediately creating a connection with investors.



Product brochure design

product brochure design

To help our client present their new product we created a brochure design that encourages audiences to look closer.



Technical brochure

Technical brochure

To aid Nalco's sales force promote their revolutionary approach to Legionella risk management in industry, they asked us to design an attention-grabbing technical brochure. In the process we also ended up designing an entire virtual power plant.