Sales brochure

sales brochureBeautiful, bright and abundant colour, and simple and effective ways of organising content turn this sales brochure into the perfect vehicle to communicate Allmed’s global leadership in Healthcare innovation and patient care.


Allmed owes its success to its people: a diverse 1,500-strong workforce distributed across 8 countries and serving more than 40 markets, where every single individual is empowered to collaborate and innovate. All driven by the belief that strong relationships will allow them to build a brighter future for renal care patients.


To design a sales brochure that would help Allmed communicate that behind the company’s success and leadership lies a global team united across borders towards a common goal: to constantly delivery innovative products.


The simplicity of the cover – clean and clinical – creates immediate impact and generates curiosity. Colour is restricted to the brand’s green on a curved shape which, mirroring the curve in Allmed’s logo, subtly adds movement.sales brochure

By contrast, page after page inside the brochure is filled with stunning colour tones and photography that bring out the complexity behind Allmed’s technology and product performance. The style and tone is consistent with Allmed’s website, which we also designed.sales brochuresales brochuresales brochuresales brochuresales brochure

The sales brochure includes a handy pocket to insert detailed product data sheets, which we also designed.sales brochuresales brochuresales brochuresales brochuresales brochure

Large fonts and highlights of colour help make strong and confident statements about the global teams’ passion and commitment to deliver the best solutions for patients, and really make a difference to the lives of patients all over the world.
sales brochuresales brochuresales brochure

The sales brochure is full of personality – the perfect combination of engaging and memorable imagery and clearly laid out information.
sales brochuresales brochuresales brochure


Science brochure design

Science brochure design

Our print design team helped AstraZeneca communicate the scientific leadership of their IMED Biotech Unit with a striking design to inspire internal teams and attract top external talent.


Royal Pacific Group

Property brochure

property brochure design

A property brochure design that conveys the idea of exclusivity and craftsmanship, immediately creating a connection with investors.



Product brochure

product brochure design

To help our client present their new product we created a brochure design that encourages audiences to look closer.