HTML5 web content

Engaging web content that makes a corporate website instantly more exciting and engaging.

When designing a website, it is important to make it stand out from the crowd, whilst ensuring that it delivers the key business messages in a clear way and triggers the desired action from the target audience.

Home pages and landing pages have long been host to the content slider or carousel as these offer ways of displaying multiple messages in the same space, near the top of the page, in a creative and engaging way. For the website, Parker Design gave particular attention to how web content was organised in the mobile responsive header sliders. Applying animation effects to strong typography and bespoke illustration, the key product messages and call to actions are brought to life, improving the customer experience and maximising response from the start.

The animated slider uses a combination of animated gifs, parallax animation – where layered elements are moved at different speeds to give the impression of distance – and text that is animated sequentially. The results mean that a corporate website is instantly more exciting and engaging.

The mobile responsive web content has been translated into 8 languages.