Web banners

web bannersWe produced a set of bright and dynamic web banners that perfectly convey that a Eurocamp experience is so much more than just a holiday.


For Eurocamp, every single day of your holiday should be an experience – not just when you’ve arrived at your destination, but also getting there. Our client wants their customers to have the time of their life when they choose Eurocamp.


As part of their ‘Best Days Ever’ campaign, our client tasked with the creation of a set of web banners that would perfectly convey that, if you choose Eurocamp, you won’t just be enjoying your holiday, it will be the experience of a lifetime, every single day you’re away.


The bright and colourful banners we designed transmit the campaign’s message straight away.

A prominent call to action, and strong, confident and direct copy, entices viewers to click through by making them feel they will own their Eurocamp experience, regardless of what they expect from their ideal holiday.

A discount offer is given prominence with a large font size, and a brush stroke effect hints at the informal and relaxed feel of a holiday.

Carefully chosen photography adds appeal and helps the target audience transport themselves to the variety of destinations available.

We produced the web banners in a variety of sizes. We created each banner adhering to the strict file size limits, whilst at the same time ensuring that the combination of rotations, messaging and number of images retained a high level of impact.

Each HTML5 banner was created with its corresponding back-up GIF version, to ensure it would display on devices that do not support HTML5 formats.

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Animated banner gifs

Animated banner gifs

We created a distinctive set of animated banner gifs that helped our client rise above competitors in a crowded digital space by focusing on the uniqueness of their offer.


Alliance Manchester Business School

Recruitment web banners

The design as well as the build of these recruitment web banners is focused on conversion, with copy that hooks viewers in straight away, prominent CTAs and minimum rotations.



Animated banners

Banner ad design

With our digital agency expertise, we created a set of beautiful and persuasive animated banners that compelled Exodus' audience to click through and explore 'where they'd rather be'.