How to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Exhibition stand design and build

As the strictest Covid restrictions gradually lift all over the world, and with appetite for in person events getting stronger, is it time to start considering exhibitions again? Although it may still be small steps at the moment, exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to bring your target audience closer to your brand.

Here are a few tips to get visitors into your stand, bearing in mind that your chance of attracting traffic could be only around 3 seconds long. Visitors will enter the exhibition hall, look around and, hopefully, notice your exhibition stand. In just 3 seconds, they’ll assess it, figure out what you’re promoting and how you’ve done it.

So what can you do to maximise that short amount of time so visitors don’t walk on by and just follow the fixed agenda they came with? These 6 tried and tested exhibition design and experiential ideas will help you attract delegates to your stand.

1 – Tower over the competition, regardless of budget

Height can go a long way to make delegates notice your stand.

Even if you’re being cautious with your budget, adding height to your exhibition stand, whether you achieve it with structure or by suspending elements above your stand, will immediately help you command authority.

Pharma stand design

Straight away you’ll be seen from all corners of the hall, acting as a magnet and hinting at where you stand against competitors.

Exhibition stand design and build

We helped Sage steal the show at Accountex with this 300sqm stand

Exhibition stand design and build

A couple of years later, a 7m-diameter circular LED screen suspended 6 metres above the ground turned headsTrade show standTrade show stand

2 – Let there be light

Light, often combined with height, can play an essential role in increasing the stand’s power to command attention across the hall.

Exhibition stand design and build

The stand for LEO Pharma below also maximises the use of light: an imposing, internally illuminated circular structure acts as a tunnel into the stand, funnelling visitors in as they step off the escalators leading to the main exhibition hall.

Pharmaceutical exhibition stand

3 – Give your audience the opportunity to shine, and learn

Add elements of interactivity and fun to your experience or exhibition stand, and you’re guaranteed to attract audiences and get them to really absorb your message, whether you’re trying to promote your product or want to generate awareness about your latest research or initiative.

In this other stand for LEO Pharma, Augmented Reality software helped add an immediate emotional connection by allowing delegates to immerse themselves in the experience of a psoriasis-suffering swimmer.Pharmaceutical stand design

In another example, to support United Utilities with their #3PPromise campaign, we gave shoppers a golden toilet and asked them to ‘sit on the throne’

Experiential marketingExperiential marketing

Another extremely effective hook to attract passers-by into your exhibition stand is to introduce games as part of your experience.exhibition stand designcustom exhibition standExhibition display stand

4 – Who doesn’t love a freebie?

Offering free barista-style coffees, even ice-cream, is guaranteed to be a draw for the crowds and a great conversation starter.

Free quality refreshments isn’t just a magnet to attract delegates – by playing with the senses, you’re helping embed your experience, your brand, in the minds of your target audience, who will walk away with the perception that you and your company strive for quality and customer satisfaction in everything you do.

exhibition boothTrade show standDouble Decker Exhibition Stand

5 – Get to them before they get there

Maximise the wide range of marketing opportunities available to attract the maximum number of delegates.

A well thought-out targeted campaign, whether email, direct mail, social media, advertising online or in print, will give you the opportunity to engage with potential attendees days, weeks, or even months before the doors open.

Give them a sneak peek of your new offering, remind them of last year’s show highlights, or even tease them with the new exhibition stand design and you’re guaranteed to whet their appetite.

Trade show standTrade show stand

6 – Get creative

Turn your product and your ethos into the stars of the show to generate curiosity and excitement and get crowds flocking to your space.Experiential roadshow design

Embracing the rebellious vibe of the Hippeas brand and the 1960s era that inspired it, we helped our client create a bit of a stir: AstroTurf with flowers sewn into it and protest signage to encourage attendees to “Give Peas a Chance!”

With our ideas for Nix & Kix at Taste of London, we created a different kind of brand experience that generated maximum impact, and a 12% uplift in sales at Tesco. All thanks to maximising the unique and instantly memorable packaging design and shape of the Nix & Kix can. Food and drink expo stand

By stacking up the cans in different configurations, even making them double up as ‘fridges on wheels’, we added a sense of playfulness that attracted people to the space, as well as versatility to the design, maximising our client’s investment in different shows.


If you want to find out more about how we can help you maximise your investment in exhibitions, have a look at our exhibition design page.