Team News – Parker Design takes to pedal power

Pass us a doughnut Jon!

At Parker Design we like to play (nearly…) as hard as we work. And with Jon’s regular doughnut deliveries a few of us are feeling the need to get out and about for some fresh air and physical exertion.

To remedy the situation we have taken to the tracks and trails in Northwich and the surrounding area on our bikes every week after work…

Neil heads up our mozzy-watch, yelling if he spots one lingering for a snack. Dom, who is clearly the most fit, disappears with a muddy spray emanating from his back tyre and waits for us patiently at the end of each section. Martin and Simon compare notes on which overgrown, stile-studded, nettle-covered, muddy track to take us along next. Tom rides his mum’s bike which is too small and you can always tell where he is by the squeak of his front wheel. Jon and Non occupy a supervisory role at the back of the pack just making sure everyone is still in one piece – obviously nothing to do with their fitness levels or dodgy knees!

Our treks are eventful and not without incident, but we laugh so much our sides ache as well as everything else when we get home. If only we could have some dry weather…

Pass us a doughnut Jon!