Digital Marketing – Quick guide to QR codes

Quick guide to QR codes

We are seeing QR codes everywhere today – on adverts, product packaging, billboards, buses, business cards, brochures – just about anywhere you can fit one. In this quick guide we explain the basics of what they are, how to use them and the benefits they can bring to your business.

What is a QR code?

QR stands for ‘quick response’. The black and white square graphics are unique to every application, and can be ‘scanned’ by the majority of smart phones. The QR codes can then trigger a number of actions such as display a message, send contact information and connect to a website or network.

Simply, they provide a method for a quick response from your existing or potential customers.

How can QR codes be used in business?

It can be tempting to get carried away with putting a QR code on every piece of sales and marketing literature you use, but it’s important that you consider what value it will bring to your users, and how this value then translates back into your business in order to achieve the objectives you set.

Examples of such value or benefits include:

  • Further information on a product (to help a purchasing decision)
  • A product user guide or manual
  • Money-off vouchers or promotional offers
  • A store finder tool
  • Link to a mobile-friendly version of a site
  • Instant contact information
  • Subscription to an rss feed or email newsletter
  • Product comparisons

These could benefit your business greatly by saving time and effort for users and providing information and instruction quickly. In turn this could be the difference between a successful sale or a near miss.

Are QR codes suitable for my business?

This depends on the customer profile for your product or service. Research has shown that QR code users make up a third of all smart phone users, the majority of which are well educated and affluent, between the ages of 35-54, with little separation between male and female. If your target market falls into this category you will most probably receive more favourable results from your investment.

In summary…

If you are considering using QR codes to market your product or service make sure you have thought about the end goal for your business. It is also essential that your users receive real added value or benefits from your QR code – it can be extremely frustrating for users to follow the path you have given them only to find the pot of gold missing at the end.

At Parker Design we have experience using QR codes in a variety of contexts and campaigns, and would be happy to discuss how you could integrate them into your branding and marketing in order to reach the objectives you have set for your business. Just drop us a line on 01606 882999 today.