Simon Hallows


If there’s one word that sums me up it’s passion!

I still remember the day I discovered graphic design, I was 13 years old and had the chance to go and see an end of year degree show at a nearby college. I had a real lightbulb moment where I realised I’d found the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

My career as a graphic designer has taken me from setting up and running an in-house design studio, to becoming designer and studio manager for an advertising agency. It was when I joined Parker Design Consultants in 1998 though, that I really found my ‘home’. I’d found an incredibly talented and creative design agency who shared my passion for great design and unrivalled customer service.

Over 25 years on, as a Director of the business, I have the privileged position of being able to spend a lot of my time with our clients, both new and long-standing. Coming from a design background and still being an impassioned designer at heart, gives me the insight to understand client needs and work with our incredibly talented team to deliver exciting and solid solutions.

I can honestly say that working in design still gives me that same buzz I first felt when I was 13. What excites me more than anything though, is that even after an amazingly successful 20 years in business, I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what we can achieve.

So what floats my boat outside of work? Well, I guess unsurprisingly, it’s still design in one form or another. Whether it’s renovating our house, landscaping the garden or cooking. I get a real thrill out of looking at something, spotting potential and turning it into something even better. Aside from the active stuff I’m also in the process of building up a half decent gin collection!