Advertising materials


As soon as we had firmly established Salima’s new corporate branding, our client asked us to create a selection of advertising designs for the trade press and event directories.


Good advertising needs to make a personal connection – and make it quickly. The aim is to make the product or service instantly understood by the intended target audience.


Our brief was to create a range of advertising designs that would promote Salima’s services in the trade press and event directories.


We researched the target audience for Salima’s ads and designed individual copy carrying a powerful and engaging but always slightly different headline, depending on where it was to be placed.

For more than 20 years we’ve created highly effective advertising materials for a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors.

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As the word Salima means ‘to be safe’ in Arabic, we wanted to reinforce this in their advertising with the tone and imagery used.

All advertising messages should, ideally, read from the top left-hand corner of the page first and use uncomplicated text with plenty of space around it. On some ads, we featured the stunning photography from events which Salima had supplied crew for, and then overlaid it with elements of the newly created branding colours and strong typography. On others, we used key staff members – this highly personal approach was a success.

The end result demonstrates a clear message with easy to locate information and a final call to action.



LinkedIn ad campaign

LinkedIn ad campaign

This LinkedIn ad campaign leans on clear and impactful messaging, the effectiveness of video, and the allure of a simple and beautiful animation to maximise audience response.



Product advertising design

Product advertising design

This effective B2B product advertising design helped our client, a global leader in high-performance building design solutions, boost awareness and increase sales enquiries.


Chill Factore

Integrated advertising campaign

integrated advertising campaign

We helped Chill Factore customers experience the thrill of a winter holiday with a punchy integrated marketing strategy that delivered results. As a marketing agency that combines technology with stunning creative, we can help you develop a digital strategy to effectively target your audience.