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Trade press advertising

trade press advetising

By adopting a very simple approach with its design, we turned this trade press advertising piece into a very effective sales tool.


Pinpoint Digital offers a wide range of workflow and document management solutions that help customers switch to fully paperless operations, with the subsequent reduction in costs and carbon footprint, as well as increasing overall efficiency and productivity.


Our client asked us to come up with some effective creative ideas that would help make a success of their advertising campaign.


When designing press advertising you only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention as there is always a wide variety of content to capture the reader’s attention, as well as strong competition from other advertisers in the same industry. To bring Pinpoint Digital’s desktop archiver to life in their trade press advertising, we decided to take a very simple approach – to photograph it in use.

Working with a professional model we captured a friendly, yet business-like photograph designed to show how compact the scanner was and also its ease of use, with its touch screen interface. We then designed the trade press advertising around the photograph with a clear and concise headline, prominent branding and a strong call to action, making for an impactful and informative trade press ad.


Product advertising design

Product advertising design

This effective B2B product advertising design helped our client, a global leader in high-performance building design solutions, boost awareness and increase sales enquiries.


Castle Tile & Bathroom

Magazine advertising

Magazine advertising

Having successfully developed Castle Tile Centre's corporate brand style across their product brochure and stationery, we were asked to create some designs for a magazine advertising campaign for Cheshire Life.


Manchester Airports Group

Retail campaign

retail campaign

A fresh and vibrant travel retail campaign to increase awareness.