Automotive brand experience

automotive brand experience

We turned an upcycled shipping container into a stunningly unique automotive brand experience that celebrates the joy and pleasure of driving.


As an organisation built on the premise of ‘Defying conventions’, Mazda Motors UK wanted to share the joy and pleasure of driving at a series of events around the country. And the company wanted to do in a brave and creative way, staying away from traditional exhibition trailers, often clunky and imposing. So Mazda’s events marketing team asked us to create a bespoke automotive brand experience from an upcycled shipping container.


Our client needed a creative solution to help their events team deliver an experience that was personable and luxurious, but could also be set up by a single person in as little as just two hours. Mazda also wanted the experience to feel open and inviting, avoiding the hard sell feel that most exhibition trailers can create.


We re-engineered the shipping container to develop a versatile space that was suitable for a variety of indoor or outdoor events. The fixed size (38m sq.) limited what could be done within the structure, so we looked for ways to increase its versatility, allowing the Mazda team to change the mobile container to fit different situations.automotive brand experience

We cut and replaced the sides of the container with custom-built canopies that were powered by hydraulics and could be extended independently at the touch of a button. This opened up the mobile unit, creating a light, airy atmosphere and making it possible to accommodate up to 30 people at a time.Mobile hospitality suite

We also incorporated sliding glass doors with branded decals into the design to help make the space comfortable in adverse weather, or shut out noise during presentations. The illuminated brand signage folds up to add height to the mobile unit and increase visibility at trade shows or busy outdoor events.

Inside the automotive brand experience unit, every detail was designed and fitted out to “celebrate driving”, immersing visitors in a rich sensory experience.

As well as a full bar with HDMI ports for laptops and tablets, we installed a media wall that incorporated four flush-mounted TVs to play promotional videos and other rich content. The media wall swings out to offer additional storage space and provide access to USB ports on the back of each TV. The premium finishes and polished stainless steel edging was inspired by our client’s head office in Dartford, and helped establish brand consistency.

The internal LED spotlights and pendant lighting created a light, airy atmosphere for visitors as they move around the space.

Perfect for an exclusive drinks reception, or high-energy promotional event, the upcycled shipping container became a streamlined, self-contained tool that the marketing team could roll out with minimal effort.

The platform floors, which can withstand up to 2 tons of weight each, can be folded down on either side of the unit, extending the footprint to double or triple the original size and allowing up to two vehicles to be displayed.

The motorised hydraulic arms make it easy for staff to independently extend or retract canopies to suit different event requirements.

The mobile unit – of course meeting health and safety regulations with anti-slip flooring, platform ramps and steps – can be easily folded up and loaded onto a truck for simple delivery, deployment or storage. And only 2 hours are needed for just one person to set everything up, from delivery to being event-ready.


Experiential roadshow design

Experiential roadshow design

We are an experiential agency that loves to create unique brand experiences. To help our client grab a piece of the lucrative healthy food market, we unveiled their new organic chickpea snacks – HIPPEAS – with a 1960s-inspired experiential roadshow design for their launch event.



Exhibition stand design and build

Exhibition stand design and build

Definitely one for our design portfolio. With years as an experiential agency behind us, our exhibition design successfully combined the allure of technology, the warmth of natural materials and the excitement of "Pic n' Mix" to draw visitors to the stand and present Sage as true innovators.


United Utilities

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing

Our exhibition design team created an innovative experience to help our client rid the North West of clogged sewers. As an experiential agency that has worked with United Utilities for years, they trusted our creativity and insight and were pleased with the level of consumer engagement.