United Utilities

Booklet design and print

UU Booklet Graphic Design and Print Cheshire UK

This booklet design and print project relies on a fresh, bright colour palette and an easy to handle square format to deliver an engaging communications piece.


The scope of our brief was to deliver a booklet design and print project which United Utilities could use to regularly inform stakeholders about business performance. The booklet would need to detail a series of metrics in four key business areas – Finance, Customer, Quality and Environment, and People.


Following our client’s brand guidelines to inform our choices of colourways and fonts, we produced a fresh and engaging design that maximises the bright palette – red, ambers, greens, yellows – to organise the vast amount of information.

The easy to handle 210mm square format makes this a very engaging piece which the target audience feel they can own and regularly refer to, maximising its role as a key information resource.

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The pie charts and simple graphics provide an eye-catching and memorable visual overview, and a strong colour palette gives the booklet design and print a positive and energetic feel.Performance Booklet Graphic Design and Print Cheshire UK

The booklet was printed on a stock which uses 75% recovered waste fibres, as United Utilities are pro-active in their approach to resource sustainability. An extra flap in the back page allowed us to include an eye-catching final spread.

“We have thrown pretty much everything at Parker Design over the past six months,

from fast turnaround report covers to developing innovative exhibitions

and their response has been consistently enthusiastic, creative, helpful and always on time.”

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