Four Seasons Health Care

Employee engagement booklet design

employee engagement booklet design

A Pop Art comic-book format was the vehicle chosen to remind employees of the importance of complying with GDPR across Four Seasons Health Care homes. The bright and punchy visual style of the employee engagement booklet design helped generate curiosity and intrigue.


With a network of over 250 care homes, Four Seasons Health Care provides quality residential, nursing, intermediate and specialist dementia care to tens of thousands of residents.

With most of the company’s 16,000 employees having access to sensitive resident data every day, the impact of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), was a top priority for our client.


To ensure full compliance with GDPR, our client needed to immerse every employee in what the new directive meant and how it would affect everyone.

The brief was very specific in terms of staff age segments to appeal to – 19 to 26, and over 45s – whilst not alienating employees outside those thresholds. A key element of our client’s brief was to instil a sense of collaboration and teamwork: learning about GDPR and acting confidently to meet the new regulation’s objectives had to be maximised by encouraging teams to feel empowered to discuss, and work together to avoid non-compliance.


As part of a wider campaign that takes inspiration from Pop Art, we designed a 32-page comic book-style brochure. The employee engagement booklet design – a printed version of an animation we had also produced to support Four Seasons in the lead-up to GDPR coming into force – had immediate impact amongst staff, generating curiosity, intrigue, and constructive conversations.employee engagement booklet design

Right from the cover, it’s clear that the message is for everyone to work together, helping each other to POW (Protect Our Workplace).

The employee engagement booklet design manages to transmit the gravity and importance of achieving full compliance at all times, but any negative connotations are erased by the playful visual style and the overall conversational style of the piece – Four Seasons is saying to its staff “we’re in this together”.employee engagement booklet design

The bold visual style helps carry the message in the most effective and memorable way to inspire engagement – a fun, bright approach results in a more effective and rewarding learning experience.employee engagement booklet designemployee engagement booklet design

The employee engagement booklet design presents staff and also residents in real life situations. The tone is informal, based around conversations, with questions employees may ask themselves, or colleagues, with clear answers.employee engagement booklet design

The booklet was distributed to all 16,000 employees across the Four Seasons Health Care network. Other campaign elements included leaflets, Post-It deskdrops, screen savers and ‘Spot the breach’ posters.


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