King's Leadership Academy

Brand creation

brand creation

Brand creation exercise inspired by our client’s reputation for excellence, where the school’s ethos serves as an internal and external platform to inspire future generations.


According to a recent Ofsted report, Kings’s Leadership Academy is “based firmly on values and the promotion of strong leadership, of which the Principal and his team are excellent examples.”


After helping King’s Leadership Academy create a high quality brand to communicate their identity to students and parents, they now needed us to help them with the brand creation for their new, multimillion pound building.School brand design_7


Over 10 months, we liaised with the architects, construction companies and school staff to meet several deadlines within the construction schedule, as well as the Open Day.

Focusing on a set of values born from the word ‘aspire’, we developed an internal and external brand style that supported students and created an environment where learning and achievement are the primary goals.School brand design_4School brand design_2

Sir Iain Hall, Chairman and CEO of The Great Schools Trust, worked directly with our senior creative team on the brand creation to develop a distinct look and feel for the new building.

The concept communicates the school’s core values – aspiration and achievement, self-awareness, professionalism, integrity, respect and endeavour – reflecting both confidence and educational excellence.

School brand design

The combination of red and black in the logo increases the brand’s credibility and helps convey strength. We also added a modern twist to the traditional concept of a crest and helped communicate the notions of leadership and aspiration through the lion and crown on either side.

We used the latest high quality materials and sign-making techniques to complete the project. This included an oversized bookmark sign over 6m in height, which was placed on the building exterior. School brand design_3

The brand elements were also applied to other materials, maximising their visibility and impact in the school and the local catchment area: 48-sheet billboards and bus shelters, tiles and furnishings, school maps for students and visitors, room names and numbers, interior banners, tall flags and canteen glass dividers.

We also took student safety into consideration by ensuring that the materials selected would hold up to wear and tear, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness over time.


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Brand strategy and design

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Brand development

Brand development

"The overall feeling was one of excitement that left people talking about the Light concept. There was a very positive response from everyone on their new dynamic and unique new brand development"