College prospectus design

college Prospectus design

We helped SFX boost student enrolment with a contemporary college prospectus design that showcases its record of producing successful graduates.


A well-designed prospectus plays a key role in helping students decide what future education path to follow. To encourage new registrations and promote their track record of producing successful graduates, St Francis Xavier College asked Parker Design to help them create an inspiring new prospectus design.


The new design had to signify a departure from previous promotional materials – transmitting a message that was both forward-looking and seamlessly integrated with the college’s traditional values. By striking the right balance, we would be able to deliver a modern solution that reinforced SFX’s sterling reputation, without alienating its core audience.

college Prospectus design


We made the college prospectus design stand out by focusing on a single idea: the experiences of real students. From current students sharing their on-campus stories, to alumni talking about how SFX helped shape who they are today, every aspect of the design was adjusted to transmit a sense of aspiration and achievement – promoting the College’s reputation for academic success.

The cover design sparks interest in the audience straight away with a powerful lead image that features a vibrant and inclusive campus. The use of contemporary fonts contributes to a clean design that presents SFX as an open and welcoming college, confident in its ability to help students fulfil their potential.

college Prospectus design

Inside, a bright colour palette, engaging imagery, impactful fonts and clearly organised content inform the audience of the huge variety of courses available.college Prospectus designcollege Prospectus design

The design effectively organises large volumes of content to make enrolment easy by allowing students to quickly identify and absorb key information. We also used colour-coding to structure and differentiate the course data, making the prospectus more user-friendly and maximising its appeal to both students and parents.

college Prospectus design

Photos of real SFX students were used throughout the piece to highlight the college’s strong belief in diversity, equality and inclusion.college Prospectus design

To reinforce the college’s focus on developing successful individuals, we included true stories from past alumni and used the design and font choices to emphasise their names. This helped readers identify with past students, bringing their stories to life.
college Prospectus design

The use of custom icons and infographic-style illustrations help communicate key facts about the college and deliver key statistics in an engaging way.college Prospectus designcollege Prospectus design

University of Northampton

Visitor centre design

visitor centre design

We are an experiential agency that uncovers the true potential of your building interiors. To promote the University of Northampton's new Waterside campus, we created an impressive and engaging Visitor Centre design for students and staff.



CPD prospectus design

CPD prospectus design

This high quality prospectus helps demonstrate Kingspan's building design knowledge and positions them as an industry leader, thanks to clever and engaging print design that reinforces key messages.


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School prospectus design

school prospectus design

Our print design team delivered a striking school prospectus design that successfully communicates the institution's mission and aspirational values.