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School prospectus design

school prospectus design

A striking school prospectus design that successfully communicates the institution’s mission and aspirational values.


Following on from the branding we had developed for King’s Leadership Academy, the free independent school needed a prospectus design to communicate what it stands for.


As well as initiating and responding to interest in the academy, the prospectus needed to provide an overview of the school’s values and mission, and answer the many questions parents and children may have. Ultimately, its purpose was to generate an incremental number of enrolment applications.


The school prospectus design provided the perfect opportunity to develop and build a strong brand for the school, inspired by the new prospectus design

King’s Leadership Academy focuses daily operations and educational approach on values born from the word ‘aspire’. These values – aspiration and achievement, self-awareness, professionalism, integrity, respect and endeavour – are reflected in everything the academy does, and so it was our job to portray this culture through design.

To begin this process we organised a session to discuss what each of the values meant, and came up with design ideas that would help get them across to the audience: red blocks help convey the aspiration and endeavour values, whereas black and white imagery communicates the concepts of professionalism, integrity and prospectus design

The prospectus had to be completed before the academy took its first intake of students, so we didn’t have the luxury of being able to photograph real students. To get around this, we selected a range of royalty-free stock images to communicate the school’s personality, enhancing them by retouching in the school crest.

To add gravitas and integrity, we commissioned a professional photography shoot of the school’s founder and principal. The portraits add a personal touch alongside the introductory messages and immediately establish a connection with the reader.

As well as creating the school prospectus design we also managed the print production. The management team wanted a high-impact finish for optimal first impressions, so we suggested an anti-scuff matt laminate on a jet black cover. This was enhanced by a spot-uv lamination of the word ‘Credimus’ (We believe in Latin) which is the school motto and echoed in the logo itself. Using a high quality digital print process we were able to supply a high-quality and cost-effective, within very tight timescales.


Prospectus design

Prospectus design

We helped SFX drive new enrolments with a vibrant prospectus design that refreshed its identity and established a connection with aspiring students. The new print design was a departure for SFX – transmitting a forward-looking message that seamlessly integrated with their traditional values.


King’s Leadership Academy

School PowerPoint design

School Powerpoint Design

Having designed the identity for King’s Leadership Academy, we were then asked to create a suite of presentation design solutions for use at various public events, involving several different audiences: stakeholders, government educational bodies, local businesses and parents.


King's Leadership Academy

School sign design

School Sign Design

King’s Leadership Academy had a requirement for an extensive suite of school sign designs. Part of the new Free Independent School initiative, the Academy began its life leasing previously unused classrooms from the local primary school.