Commemorative book design

Commemorative book designAstraZeneca commissioned us to create a commemorative book design to celebrate the 30 years of service and retirement of one of their Engineering department employees.


To produce a commemorative book design that would celebrate the achievements of a long-standing employee (Eric) who would soon be retiring after 30 years at the company.


Having been involved in many engineering projects across AstraZeneca’s UK sites for many years, Eric’s legacy was more than extraordinary. To pay tribute to his long and distinguished career, we teamed up with his colleagues to secretly compile a book featuring a photograph of every building project he’d been involved in over his illustrious career.commemorative book designCommemorative book design

We spent two days working around the sites with a specialist architectural photographer before designing the stunning photography into a beautiful case-bound, landscape commemorative book. The book was presented to Eric at his leaving ceremony, and he was absolutely delighted.

We produced two further copies of the hardbound commemorative book, one for the Engineering department to use as a demonstration aid to promote their services to the rest of AstraZeneca, and a third to enter the AstraZeneca archives as a permanent record.

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Staff engagement brochure

Interior design brochure

Proud of everything we do, this is another one for our design portfolio. As an innovative design agency we helped inspire workplace change and boost employee engagement levels: we delivered an impressive design that helped global employees embrace a new smarter working initiative.



Book design and printing

book design and printing

To mark the retirement of AstraZeneca's outgoing CEO, our client asked our graphic design team to produce a one-off book design to be presented to him at his leaving ceremony, celebrating his time at the company. The stunning print design and quality of the book matched the occasion perfectly.


Delamere Forest Golf Club

Book design

book design

The commemorative hard bound book design makes a fitting tribute to the key figures – past and present – who have had a significant role in shaping the legacy of this unique golf course.