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Corporate film production

A corporate film that strikes the perfect balance between promoting leadership in the latest technology innovations and telling a story of human effort that feels open and personal.


In the last few years, H&T Presspart have maximised their expertise in the medical device field and have evolved from being a manufacturing operation to expanding their influence on the product cycle. The company now also provides customers with a faster route to market, offering industrialisation, regulatory, laboratory and quality support.

From the company’s specialist R&D facility, the Inhalation Product Technology Centre (IPTC), H&T Presspart supports their own strategic projects and those of their pharmaceutical customers. IPTC provides tailored strategic and operational support in the development of new devices, components and products, as well as analytical support.

Corporate film production


Our video production team were tasked with producing a corporate film that would help reposition and generate awareness of H&T Presspart as a business no longer just focused on manufacturing, but as a specialist technical and strategic operation led by a team of people who work in true partnership with their customers to devise full end-to-end solutions to match their specific requirements.

Corporate film production


We produced a corporate film that strikes the perfect balance between promoting H&T Presspart’s leadership in the latest technology innovations and telling a story of human effort that feels open, personal and speaks directly to the audience.

Opening with drone footage of the cutting edge facilities, the audience is soon welcomed inside the IPTC building and shown around the laboratories where, within the first 40 seconds of the film, as many as 10 employees appear on screen interacting with equipment or acknowledging the camera, and audience.

Corporate film production

To demonstrate full commitment and confidence in IPTC’s capabilities, instead of making this a voiceover-only corporate video, both IPTC’s Director and Team Leader have pieces to camera to address audiences directly.

Corporate film production

The tone is relaxed and approachable, focused on cooperation amongst the H&T Presspart’s teams and their customers.

In just one day of filming, our two-strong crew, equipped with one camera on a tripod and another on a gimbal*, worked around a variety of filming environments and lighting conditions, and kept disruption to a minimum.

“Really good job again team!

The film’s gone down very well internally and with our customers”

H&T Presspart’s Marketing Manager

The corporate film has been shared on our client’s website and social media channels, receiving very positive feedback.

Corporate film production Corporate film production


(*) – a device that allows a camera to rotate smoothly while giving a stable shot

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