Gazprom Energy

Corporate video production

Corporate video production that successfully highlights staff accomplishments and communicates challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.


Corporate video production is an effective way to streamline internal communication and encourage employee engagement. According to a recent study, 71% of global companies surveyed use video for employee engagement initiatives.


As one of the world’s largest extractors of natural gas, GazProm Energy was seeking a solution that would help it celebrate internal successes and increase employee focus on key areas of improvement. A corporate video would not only help the company highlight staff accomplishments, it would also give Management the necessary tools to deliver a consistent message about the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.


Based on the concept ‘The Energy to Succeed’, Parker Design worked with the client’s Marketing and Communications teams to develop a short film that captured how internal teams were working together to successfully deliver on company objectives. Shot in a personable, and intentionally “non-corporate” style, the video was shown at the company’s annual employee conference and helped to energise staff.

Prior to filming, our team developed a script and creative strategy for the production, before embarking on a three-day film shoot, which included on-site locations in GazProm Energy’s Manchester office, as well as numerous customer sites.

Emphasising the customer perspective was one of the unique ways that this video helped energise employees and demonstrate their value to the company. The footage collected on-site was edited together with an upbeat soundtrack and fast-cut reportage style to help staff from various departments see how their activities affected clients on a daily basis.

As an internal communications tool, the GazProm Energy film we developed was an overwhelming success and received praise from both staff and company leaders. In addition to launching the corporate video at the conference screening, the Human Resources team also uploaded it to the company’s intranet, providing a valuable resource for discussions between managers and employees throughout the year.


Event video content

Event video content

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Animated video content

Animated video content

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employee engagement

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