Video production services

Parker Design’s video production services include pre-production, planning, script writing, location search, filming, voiceover recording, editing, final compression and supply. In short, everything required to produce a great video, as shown with this short film for In4tek.

In4tek enlisted Parker Design’s video production services to produce a short film promoting the use of its healthcare software – ‘Paris’. Rather than produce a typical ‘hard sell’ video with in4tek sales staff waxing lyrical about the benefits of the product, the decision was taken to produce a video featuring customers who were huge advocates of the software, talking about the benefits it brings them. The result is a much more credible and believable story.

Several pre-production meetings took place to plan the story the video would tell, together with establishing who would feature in the interviews and a loose script which would form the basis of the off camera interviews. The filming took place in NHS Cardiff over several days, capturing the interviews and a variety of scene setting cut aways and general views. The interviewer asked the scripted questions off camera, with the questions being edited out of the final film.

When the subsequent ‘answers’ were edited together with the cut away shots, it gives the impression of the people featured in the video talking naturally and generally about their experience of the software, rather than answering scripted questions. This adds a lovely documentary feel to the finished video and is a great technique when filming people not used to being on camera, as it gets them to relax.

The final touch to the edit was to overlay the footage with the narration, voiced by Sue MacGregor CBE, and add incidental music, captions and graphics. The finished piece is a great example of Parker Design’s video production services.

Wolters Kluwer

Conference video production

conference video

As an experienced employee communications agency, we delivered an energy-fuelled conference video production that sets the tone for an AGM focused on celebrating achievements and embracing future goals.


Gazprom Energy

Corporate video production

Corporate Video Production

Corporate video production that helped GazProm, one of the world’s largest extractors of natural gas, highlight staff accomplishments and communicate challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.



Social media content

Social media content

We opted for social media content creation as a creative way to demonstrate Sage One, the company’s user-friendly suite of online accounting and payroll solutions. Our video production team created an energetic short film highlighting an actual small business using the Sage One app.