King's Leadership Academy

Exterior branding

We delivered an exterior branding solution that maximises visibility and impact to attract and inspire the next generation of leaders.


Our client, King’s Leadership Academy, focuses on leadership and academic development, and looks beyond traditional academic measures to determine the potential and future success of their students.

The Academy’s values – aspiration and achievement, self-awareness, professionalism, integrity, respect and endeavour – are born out of their desire to ‘Aspire’.


The branding had to bring the Academy’s values to the fore in order to attract and inspire new generations of students, from the community and beyond, to step inside with confidence and enthusiasm, ready to embrace their future.

The new building embodies the Academy’s own aspirations, and the signage had to act as a wrapper for everything it represents.


The exterior branding we created for their new multimillion pound building is inspired by our client’s culture of excellence.

We placed an oversized bookmark sign over 6m in height on the side of the building, and applied the highest quality materials and sign-making signage design

The inclusion of other branding elements, and where we positioned them, maximise the visibility of the school and its ethos: tiles and furnishings, school maps for students and visitors, room names and numbers, interior banners, tall flags and canteen glass dividers, always with the safety of the students and staff in mind.

The size and scale of the signage, together with a combination of red and black, and contemporary touches that look back to tradition for inspiration, send a message to students, visitors and staff about the school’s pride in standing out as a beacon thanks to the strength of their values.

“When you employ Parker Design you get the whole package – vision, innovation and first class design – at a price that is affordable. As you enter the school you walk under an Aristotle quotation ‘Excellence is a habit’. You could apply this motto to the team at Parker Design.”

Chairman & CEO, The Great Schools Trust

King's Leadership Academy

Brand creation

brand creation

As a branding agency that has worked with King's Academy for many years, we were asked to take their brand creation a step further. Inspired by the school's reputation for excellence, we worked closely with architects and developers to visually shape the identity of their new school building.



Corporate interior design

Corporate interior design

As an award-winning experiential agency, we can do amazing things with a blank wall. To help AstraZeneca celebrate their past and inspire future generations of scientists, we developed this attractive corporate interior design to celebrate their achievements.