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Franchise brochure design

Franchise brochure designA franchise brochure design that helps present the Papa John’s franchise model as an exciting and solid opportunity for investors.


Founded in the US in 1984, Papa John’s is one of the most recognised franchise pizza brands in the world. The company has over 5,000 stores in over 40 international markets and territories, as well as over 450 stores in the UK alone.

With more than 130,000 employees, Papa John’s operates and franchises pizza delivery and take-away restaurants and, in some markets, dine-in & delivery restaurants.

Franchise brochure design


With an ambition to grow their global footprint further, our brief was to redesign and elevate the company’s franchise brochure for the international corporate investment market.

From a look and feel perspective, the new brochure design should have a global, sophisticated look to attract investment from C-level executives. Format-wise, the franchise brochure was required as an A4 digital piece, optimised for viewing on mobile devices.


Our design approach introduces the Papa John’s franchise model as a reliable and firmly established organisation offering an exciting, solid and lucrative investment opportunity. Focused on presenting company growth in an appealing way, business performance statistics are presented in a highly visual style that is inspired by infographic design, helping the busy executive audience quickly process the various KPIs to be able to make an informed decision.

Being careful not to produce a design that could be mistaken for a restaurant menu, the brochure gives prominence to what makes the Papa John’s product such a global success: the freshness of the locally sourced ingredients.

Maximising the use of large fonts to highlight business statistics, together with a preference for a vertical orientation on some of the pages offer the perfect combination for a seamless mobile experience.

Taking written material supplied by our client, our copywriter adapted content with investors in mind: while pizza is the product ultimately offered to the Papa John’s customer base, the brochure’s target audience is primarily interested in whether Papa John’s would be a viable investment to add to their portfolio.

“We’re receiving some very positive feedback on the brochure

from our most senior executive team.

Parker’s work is excellent and the responsiveness to accomplish the work in a record time has been superb. 

Thank you!”

The design relies on a carefully thought out balance of styles and colour palettes throughout the brochure, with clear section dividers that help add hierarchy and structure to the various types of content.

Franchise brochure design

Photography has a key role in the franchise brochure design, with images of the Papa John’s real estate, customers and the company’s staff at work that take over full pages, and capture a genuine sense of lifestyle that feels spontaneous and relaxed on both sides of the Papa John’s counter.

Franchise brochure design

The everyday look and feel of the shots shows customers casually enjoying the product, presenting personal stories that aim to create a connection between potential investors, the Papa John’s product and the end customer. Within the image selection, a key differentiator is the B&W treatment of staff photography, which adds confidence and professionalism.

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