Holiday brochure

Holiday Brochure Design

With this holiday brochure we focused on high-quality visuals to appeal to a wide range of travel tastes.


While most travel companies were shifting their focus to digital, Exodus had conducted extensive consumer research to support a marketing strategy where printed materials still play a key role in meeting their goals. Findings confirmed that printed brochures were essential for appealing to adventure tourists, who frequently hold on to the publications throughout the year, browsing them while planning trips and using them in conjunction with travel websites to check availability.


Making large quantities of information appealing and easy to navigate can often present a unique design challenge. With more than 500 options across 90 countries available, Exodus needed five new holiday brochure designs to highlight its exciting range of adventure destinations.Holiday Brochure Design


We reimagined our client’s collateral for its top five markets.Holiday Brochure Design

We created a clean look and feel for the holiday brochure design that focuses on high-quality visuals and appeals to a wide range of travel tastes.Holiday Brochure DesignHoliday Brochure DesignHoliday Brochure Design

The wide range of powerful designs taps into the aspirations of the target audience. We reviewed a database of thousands of images submitted by satisfied Exodus customers, allowing us to create a more authentic representation of the scenery and the kind of experience travellers could expect.Holiday Brochure Design

We developed the publications in way that allowed them to work well as a set, but made the interior layouts flexible for individual travel categories. As a result, the brochure designs achieved an extremely appealing visual consistency.Holiday brochure design


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Magazine design and content

magazine design

We're a design agency that focuses on helping clients achieve their business goals. This time, it was print design – with engaging content creation and stunning visuals, the travel magazine we created for Exodus increased their travel bookings by 62%. A result worthy of our design portfolio.



Holiday brochures

Holiday brochures

Going beyond a design refresh, our strategy for these holiday brochures put travellers and our client's brand stories first.



Travel brochure design

travel brochure design

We helped TruTravels speak directly to their backpacking audience with a design that transmits the beauty and energy of life-changing adventures in South East Asia.