Internal communications animation

Our content team developed an internal communications animation that helped bring global teams together working towards a common goal.


As part of AstraZeneca’s 2020 vision, our client needed to provide an engaging way to inform employees of progress made on key team initiatives across global AstraZeneca sites. A playful animation, which included user-generated videos, was the chosen vehicle to inform global employees on the journey stage they were at, and what part they had played so far in making this ambitious vision a reality.


One of the advantages of this approach was also one of the main challenges: the inclusion of user-generated videos would encourage engagement from teams in front of the camera, as well as the global audience. At the same time, we had to ensure the video was consistent and that the quality of the final product wasn’t compromised. Also, this solution would be used every quarter, delivered via a link embedded in a newsletter, so it had to be easy to update regularly by the team at AstraZeneca.


The internal communications animation we created focuses on four key areas of focus for employees, as they work towards the 2020 vision goals: Reliability, Agility, Performance and People. The animation successfully covers all objectives and focus areas through a successful combination of animation, flat graphics, colour-coding, and user-generated content.Internal communications animationInternal communications animation

To achieve and manage the client’s expectations we first storyboarded the entire project. This involved drawing each scene as a thumbnail with actual graphics and text that would be used in the final film. Once the storyboard was signed off we set to work on producing the film using 4D Cinema Max, Adobe After Effects and Lightroom.

We set out to produce a film that really engaged the diverse audience, a really immersive experience for all involved. We created a 4k CGI globe and animated it on infinite loop, which we annotated with locations. The rotating and zoom effects to pinpoint the different locations of each piece of footage add impact and encourage engagement.Internal communications animation

We chose a soundtrack which, while encouraging and upbeat, perfectly communicates the importance of everyone’s efforts as they work towards the corporate goal. We also included accompanying commentary for sections of the video without vox pop*.

*An edited version has been included here to maintain client confidentiality


Animated internal communications

animated internal communications

Thanks to our expertise in motion graphics and employee engagement initiatives, we produced an animation that helped AstraZeneca communicate the importance of doing the right thing.



Information governance animation

information governance animation

Our content and employee engagement teams worked closely with AstraZeneca to develop motion graphics that transmitted the importance of managing, securing, protecting and preserving data to make the right decisions in the interest of patients and the company as a whole.



Internal communications branding

internal communications branding

To energise Statoil's senior leadership team to help them shape the company's future, we developed a distinctive internal communications branding that perfectly conveys a sense of progression and perspective.