United Utilities

Leaflet campaign

Leaflet campaignWe supported United Utilities’ improvement schemes throughout the North West’s water network with an engaging leaflet campaign that helped keep local customers informed.


United Utilities is committed to delivering resilient and reliable water to over three million households and 200,000 businesses in the North West region. A key element of our client’s promise to deliver the best water is to continually carry out maintenance and improvement works, and to communicate to the local areas timely and effectively to minimise disruption while the essential works are carried out by the United Utilities teams.


While running many improvement schemes throughout the North West’s water network, United Utilities enlisted Parker Design to help keep their customers informed through an informative leaflet campaign series to add to their collateral.


Favouring a convenient A5 format, written in plain English with a friendly and approachable tone of voice, and printed on environmentally-friendly recycled paper, the various leaflet campaign designs helped United Utilities communicate the benefits of the scheme, outlining any disruption that may be caused whilst the improvement scheme was in progress. Wherever possible, our professional photographer was sent out to capture a series of landmark images of the locations affected by the improvement works, bringing the leaflet campaigns to life and adding immediate local interest.

“Over the years we have thrown pretty much everything at Parker Design.

From fast turnaround report covers to developing innovative exhibitions, their response has been consistently enthusiastic, creative, helpful and always on time.”

H&T Presspart

Sales collateral

sales collateral

We contributed to our client's success at a major industry conference with an engaging and effective sales collateral design that focuses on the simplicity of H&T Presspart's new product.


United Utilities

Leaflets design

Leaflets design

This leaflets design project succeeded at nurturing our client's relationship with their customers thanks to memorable design and engaging copy.



Collateral design

collateral design

Original, visually impactful and easily memorable, this collateral design refines and simplifies the complexity behind supply chain and logistics, maximising our client's investment in a wide range of trade shows at home and abroad.