Daiichi Sankyo

Medical flyer design

medical flyer designA medical flyer design that is strong in its simplicity, and achieved encouraging application figures for two research programmes.


Daiichi Sankyo is a worldwide leader in the pharmaceutical industry. In an effort to continually improve patients’ lives, the company invests in medical research programmes designed to attract the most talented and ambitious scientific minds worldwide.


To produce a medical flyer design that would immediately appeal to ambitious medical professionals who are committed to make a difference.


Our design approach is based on simplicity, and nods at what can be achieved through Daiichi Sankyo’s research programmes.medical flyer design

Colour helps add prominence to calls to action and the programme structure, or to appeal to the audience’s imagination by evoking the endless possibilities of what can be achieved.medical flyer design

We designed a set of uncomplicated icons which, together with high quality photography and strong visuals help motivate the audience and encourage them to proceed with an application.medical flyer design

The design was also carried through to a set of posters to support the programme launch.

Cantel Medical

Medical brochure

medical brochure design

We created a simple yet powerful medical brochure design that helped Cantel Medical in their efforts to generate incremental sales.


United Utilities

Flyer designs

Flyer designs

Flyer designs that helped United Utilities communicate with their customers in an engaging and timely manner.



Global awards collateral

Global awards collateral

We helped AstraZeneca celebrate the achievements of its global GMD division with a bold and dynamic awards collateral design that translates across borders.