Denka Sieken

Medical pull-up banner

Medical pull-up banner

Denka Sieken required a medical pull-up banner series to complement the product posters that were being displayed at the Medica exhibition in Germany.

Using the existing branding from the posters, we reformatted the medical pull-up banner elements to fit a taller aspect ratio, while maintaining legibility. This ensured the body text could easily be read from a distance, helping to entice more visitors onto the exhibition stand.

United Utilities

Pull-up banner design

pull-up banner design

Taking Liverpool's rich architectural heritage as inspiration for the visuals we created a striking set of pull-up banner designs featuring line illustrations of some of the city's most well known landmarks.



Pull-up banner stands

Pull up banner stands

Pull-up banner stands are a great, cost effective way of getting a message or brand across to an audience, with maximum impact and the added benefit of being portable and incredibly easy to put up and take down.



Roadshow collateral design

Our roadshow collateral design facilitated the client's transition of employees to their new company headquarters.