Product launch video

We produced an informative product launch video that contributed to a significant spike in sales.


Kingspan, a world leader in energy efficient, high-performance building solutions asked us to create a video that would help them increase awareness of Topdek, their innovative roofing system.

With delivery of projects on time and on budget a primary concern for architects, roofing decisions are often made based on convenience and relying on products they have used before.

Traditional built-up roofing is installed in multiple layers, each made up of separate components provided by different suppliers. During the installation process, these layers can sometimes get damaged, impacting the roof’s overall performance. By comparison, Topdek arrives as a single, pre-fabricated component, making it easy to install, energy efficient, and damage resistant – providing architects with peace of mind.

product launch video


We had to help make the product appealing to architects – who are often mainly focused on design issues – by creating a resource that would help Kingspan’s sales teams demonstrate how quick, easy to install and reliable Topdek is compared to traditional built-up methods.


We helped the audience immediately grasp what the roof system had to offer by making its benefits clear and compelling.product launch video

Starting with a two-day onsite film shoot with the Kingspan team, we captured every aspect of the installation process to help convey its ease and convenience.product launch video

Our editing team integrated this with manufacturing footage, an animation that provided a side by side comparison of Topdek vs. traditional roofing methods and interviews with Kingspan’s design and development experts.product launch videoproduct launch video

Combining these elements contributes to an informative and engaging viewer experience, maximising the short product launch video as an effective sales tool.

In addition to other materials we created for Topdek’s awareness campaign, the video was also made available on a targeted microsite and received great feedback from the sales team – contributing to a significant spike in product orders.


Event video content

Event video content

We used effective content creation and video production to help SolutionsPT energise audiences at a major product launch. By combining live video with stunning motion graphics, our team introduced event attendees to the future of manufacturing technology.


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Animated product video

Animated product video

From simple CAD drawings, our content creation and video production teams delivered engaging motion graphics that helped showcase our client’s latest respiratory drug delivery technology at a major industry conference.



Product marketing strategy

product marketing strategy

An informative product marketing strategy that increased awareness and helped contribute to a significant spike in sales.