Recruitment banner design

Recruitment banner design

To help AstraZeneca attract quality graduates at busy career fairs, we produced a recruitment banner design that perfectly transmits the significance of what joining AstraZeneca would mean for candidates, and patients.


AstraZeneca recognises that it’s the calibre, passion and dedication of their employees that have positioned the company at the helm of the biopharmaceutical industry. Committed to saving lives by delivering life-changing medicines through innovative science and true collaboration, across teams and borders, AstraZeneca offers a whole host of exciting graduate career paths with plenty of opportunity for future growth.


At a time when graduates have to make life-changing career decisions, AstraZeneca asked us to produce a recruitment banner design that would immediately capture the attention of graduates at busy careers fairs. In a small space, the design had to communicate the significance of what AstraZeneca excels at, and how valued – and rewarded – the right candidate will be.


The simplicity of the recruitment banner design manages to perfectly encapsulate a sense of authority and a warm welcome at the same time. What’s on offer for ambitious candidates is clear straight away, thanks to people photography that exudes confidence and leadership, striking scientific imagery, and short yet attention-grabbing copy.Recruitment banner design

The design succeeds at presenting AstraZeneca as an exciting company to work for, so much more than a business: those joining AstraZeneca will enjoy truly fulfilling careers that will make a tangible difference to the quality of life of individuals, and world health as a whole.

We have over 20 years’ experience in exhibitions and

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The design, a perfect balance of people photography and scientific images, follows AstraZeneca’s guidelines for acquiring the next generation of top talent. The photographs of employees looking directly at the camera help entice passers-by to get closer, start a conversation and find out more.


Graduate recruitment brochure

Graduate recruitment brochure

We produced a vibrant design to position DAI as a provider of exciting career prospects where creating opportunities for employee engagement is top of the agenda.


University of Northampton

Fair stand design

fair stand design

Our exhibition design team helped the University of Northampton drive student interest in its new Waterside Campus with a versatile and attractive stand design.



Corporate culture roller banners

corporate culture roller banners

INOVYN needed to educate employees on the strength of its corporate values, and as part of a Europe-wide engagement campaign, they asked us to create a set of pull-up banners that would help transmit the essence and importance of each of those values.