Recruitment logo design

Recruitment logo design

We refreshed Tonic’s brand identity with a sophisticated recruitment logo design that appealed to an international audience.


Tonic International Recruitment is a boutique search firm that focuses on the placement of senior executives. Working primarily within the Corporate finance and Accounting sectors, the company specialises in sourcing candidates for cross border opportunities. We were approached to evolve the client’s existing brand, creating a fresh new look and feel that would also feel familiar.


Having successfully built its reputation as a specialist in a niche market, Tonic needed an image update that would transmit that it’s a company that looks forward, and is proud of the respect they have gained over the years.


We looked carefully at the company’s existing logo to identify elements that could be used in new ways. Moving away from a ring shape, we opted for placing the company name within a solid circle. This evolution helped give the logo some weight, without making it feel too heavy or imposing.

Blue is widely used in the financial services sector, representing stability, wisdom and confidence. We wanted to ensure that the company had a fresh look and feel, without changing the logo so much that it created confusion. Our solution: to simplify Tonic’s blue colour palette, moving away from dark blue and focusing on a lighter shade in the dot over the letter “i”.Recruitment logo design

The brand’s blue was brightened slightly to maximise appeal – it’s vibrant and friendly, and also communicates stability and confidence.Recruitment logo design

A geometric font creates harmony between the type and circular brand shape. Recruitment logo design

We designed a variety of collateral, including business cards and a new email signature, to further develop the brand and create a consistent identity throughout the Tonic experience.Logo design

Smart Money

Brand refresh

brand refresh

We had already worked with Smart Money in the past. This time, we helped our client remain relevant in a constantly evolving market with a striking brand design refresh that allowed Smart Money to appeal to a wider audience.



Branding strategy and development

Branding strategy

BrightHR needed to reinvent themselves, and as a branding agency known for their stunning design portfolio, always coupled with marketing strategy effectiveness, we delivered a distinctive identity that changed how they were perceived in the HR industry.



Brand strategy and design

Brand strategy

As a branding agency that specialises in employee communications, employee engagement solutions and marketing strategy, we were asked to change perceptions of our client's IT department and to increase awareness amongst employees of the support services offered by the team.